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Special Prices to celebrate our 14th anniversary

Oracle APEX Hosting

Your choice of Oracle Standard Edition 2 or Oracle XE 21c
High Availability ORDS options for all services.


Application Hosting Optimised for WordPress & more

Our web hosting platform has been fully optimised to offer outstanding performance for your web applications, delivering speeds of up to16x faster.

Your Choice of Platforms

Enciva offers both Oracle Standard Edition 2, as well as Oracle XE 21c APEX hosting. Both services include great features and options to add High Availability ORDS Clusters to your service.

Oracle Standard Edition 2 Plans Oracle XE 21c Plans
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server room

ORDS Clusters

Add a Highly Available ORDS Cluster front end for your APEX applications. Add and remove ORDS instances as needed.

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Jasper Publisher

Created right here, Jasper Publisher allows you to publish, schedule, email, and manage your Jasper Reports. Included in all APEX plans, you can also create as stand-alone service.

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Choose Your Platform

Select from APEX with Oracle Standard Edition 2 or APEX with Oracle XE 21c. All packages include ORDS. You can add additional ORDS instances for Load Balancing, Failover, as well as Cross-Data Center Failover.

Worldwide Hosting Locations

Select the Data Center nearest you. High Availability can also be configured across data centers.

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