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100 GB
Attached SSD Storage

Attached SSD storage for backups, Oracle Directories, or any other use. Scale on demand.

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Attaced SSD Storage

Attached SSD Storage is accessed like any other directory on your server. You can expand the storage volume on demand. Use for Oracle Directories, backups, logs, or any other purpose. You can add attached storage during order or at any other time.

100 GB
Per Month
500 GB
Per Month
750 GB
Per Month

Use Cases for Attache SSD Storage

The most common use cases for attached SSD storage.

  • Oracle Directories
  • Flat Files for APEX Applications
  • Application Backups
  • Schema Backups

Frequently Asked Queries

Common questions regarding Attached SSD Storage. Still have questions? Contact us

Yes. The SSD is attached to your instance and mapped to /ssd-1. You use it as you would any other space on your device.

Attached Storage can be increased at any time. In order to decrease, we would need to copy it to a new device and then attach the smaller device.

Yes. If you decide you do not need or want it you can cancel it and it will be removed.

Yes. Attached Storage is actually for automated failover. A mirror copy of the storage is available at all times.