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Disaster Recovery Plan a Service (DRP)

Enciva DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan as a Service) options provide highly available solutions with fully automated failover and recovery.

Enciva failover solutions are fully automated and provide the lowest RTO and RPO options available at highly competitive pricing.

No IP changes or DNS updates are required, providing seamless transition between multiple data centers.

Key Benefits
  • RPO as low as 3 Seconds
  • RTO as low as 1 Minute
  • No DNS or IP Updates Required
  • Fully Automated

Enciva Failover provides three levels of failover and recovery; Basic, Multi, and LBA Cluster. To learn more about each option, select the option at left, download the PDF, or contact us.

Failover and Recovery options are available across and between our United States, United Kingdom, and Germany Data Centers. Learn more about the Enciva Data Center locations.