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DRaaS LBA Cluster

Our DRaaS LBA Cluster is used when even the smallest amount of downtime impacts critical operations.

The two servers replicate changes to each other so that the data is identical on both servers, ensuring that end user experience is identical whichever regardless of which server is the active server.

In addition to the same data center, network and hardware failover of our Basic and Multi solutions, the LBA Cluster solution contains multiple points of resiliency within the hardware infrastructure.

The LBA Cluster example above provides Enterprise options including VLAN support, load-balancers, and multi-tier security.

This solution above includes two hypervisors, with the primary in your choice of our USA (New York City and Seattle), UK (Maidstone) or Germany (Frankfurt).

These hypervisors are backed by twin power feeds from different phases and twin network feeds with different routes.

Within the hypervisor configuration are multiple layers of virtual infrastructure including highly available firewalls to provide a resilient ingres and egres from the cluster.

Two load balancers are also configured in high availability to ensure that load balancing the cluster will continue to operate.

Behind the load balancers we then have three application servers which contain the same static content for serving our application. These application servers are automatically kept in sync.

In the above example, PostgreSQL databases are in an active/passive configuration in which the application servers communicate in order to serve dynamic content.

As with all other layers above, the database servers can fail and the othera will become the master automatcially. In addition to PostgreSQL, we also offer similar configurations for MS SQL, MySQL and Oracle database servers.

No IP changes or DNS updates are required, providing seamless transition between multiple data centers.

Enciva DRaaS provides three levels of failover and recovery; Basic, Multi, and LBA Cluster. To learn more about each option, select the option at left, download the PDF, or contact us.

Failover and Recovery options are available across and between our United States, United Kingdom, and Germany Data Centers. Learn more about the Enciva Data Center locations.