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DRaaS Basic

Our DRaaS Basic high availability and failover service is configured with two physical servers. One server is the primary node and the other the secondary node.

The two servers replicate changes to each other so that the data is identical on both servers, ensuring that end user experience is identical whichever regardless of which server is the active server.

Our replication agents then use various factors to determine which server should be the active server and direct traffic towards that server.

Data replication can be performed in a number of different ways depending on the amount and type of data being updated.

If only the primarily PostgreSQL database changes, then replication only at the database level would most often be sufficient. If images or other flat files are changed on a daily basis, these are also replicated on the server.

Block-level replication of the file system ensures that everything is kept current across the entire file system and also removes the need for any updates to be made to both servers.

In the event of a failure on the primary server, our replication agents will automatically switch the secondary server to be the active host and our BGP network will start directing traffic to the new active server within a few seconds and without any manual or DNS changes required.

No IP changes or DNS updates are required, providing seamless transition between multiple data centers.

Key Benefits
  • RPO as low as 3 Seconds
  • RTO as low as 1 Minute
  • No DNS or IP Updates Required
  • Fully Automated

Enciva DRaaS provides three levels of failover and recovery; Basic, Multi, and LBA Cluster. To learn more about each option, select the option at left, download the PDF, or contact us.

Failover and Recovery options are available across and between our United States, United Kingdom, and Germany Data Centers. Learn more about the Enciva Data Center locations.