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DRaaS Multi

Our DRaaS Multi provides replication of multiple servers with applications to a single failover server in another data center.

The two servers replicate changes to each other so that the data is identical on both servers, ensuring that end user experience is identical whichever regardless of which server is the active server.

The Multi options is often the choice when high availability is needed, but the likliehood of multiple applications simultaneously is low. Additionally, the Multi configuration can be expanded into our LBA Cluster configuration if needed at a later time.

Above, we have multiple applications, each of which resides on it's own server. Each one of these servers perform block- level replication to a dedicated standby hyper-visor in a second data center.

The standby hyper-visor, when it receives the replicated data, stores it in a virtual machine meaning in the event of a failure the previously physical server can be started as a virtual machine in a completely different location and in under one minute.

No IP changes or DNS updates are required, providing seamless transition between multiple data centers.

Enciva DRaaS provides three levels of failover and recovery; Basic, Multi, and LBA Cluster. To learn more about each option, select the option at left, download the PDF, or contact us.

Failover and Recovery options are available across and between our United States, United Kingdom, and Germany Data Centers. Learn more about the Enciva Data Center locations.