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Oracle Standard Edition 2

Apache Tomcat with Oracle 21c Standard Edition 2. Scale your service at any time and easily create High Availability Clusters.

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Tomcat with Oracle Standard Edition 2 Plans

You can switch between plans as well as billing cycles at any time.

Tomcat Oracle 1

Low to Medium Traffic Apps

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Tomcat Oracle 3

High Traffic Apps

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Great Options and Add-Ons

These features come standard in all of our hosting plans. Dynamically extend imperatives through open-source quickly niche markets.

Attached SSD Storage

Add Attached SSD Storage for as little as $9/month. Can be used for Oracle Directories, backups, or any other purpose.

High Availability Tomcat

Add a Load Balancer and Tomcat instances on-demand to create Highly Available services with Automated Failover.

Cross Data Center Failover

Configure your ORDS instances in different data centers to provide optimal performance and extra failover.

Worldwide Hosting Locations

Select the Data Center nearest you. High Availability can also be configured across data centers.

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Frequently Asked Queries

Common Questions about Tomcat Oracle Hosting

Yes, the packages contain everythig required to build and run your Tomcat Oracle apps online.

Yes, you can change your Plan and your billing cycle at any time.

We've been providing Oracle hosting continuously since 2008.

Yes. If you are using a domain (e.g. mydomain.com) domain and email hosting are included.